Retaining Walls

Gabion walls can be built with speed and economy and are particularly suitable for landslide control in mountainous. In ground liable to subside, the capacity of gabions to deform makes them preferable to a

Energy Dissipaters

The pervious structure of Gabions gives two advantages over impervious structures. First, when pounded by heavy masses of water, the impact, instead of beinZg taken instantaneously, is gradually absorbed. Again, flexibility offers distinct advantages in coastal defence OR defences. Huge sea walls can be constructed with high speed using these gabions.

River Bank Protection Walls and Revetments

Gabions walls are constructed to protect the seacoast or the River Coast against the erosion due to water and waves. Gabions will withstand alternative tension and compression without losing structural passage of water throughout the structure. Also they are found to be more advantageous than other gabions in marine and river environment as they are inert to alkaline and acidic attack. They are mush reliable and long lasting than marine structures constructed using the dumping of stones.

Flexible Aprons

Flexible Aprons Designed to protect super-structures against the undermining action of river or sea water, Gabion aprons will closely follow the changing contours of the bed as scouring progresses, until eventually the erosion is completely sealed off.

Dikes and Groins

These structures are built to protect a particular area from erosion as well as to silt up the previously eroded areas. The dykes are also used for the protecting the harbours against the Built across the front of an eroded area will collect silt left behind by floodwaters. The silt gradually builds up until the required reclamation is met without any financial outlay.


Gabion weirs, check dams are constructed across watercourses as grade control structures, sediment collectors, as well as to form water reservoirs. Gabion weirs are normally provided with a Gabion scour protection apron both on their downstream side and at the upstream approach zone.

Soil Conservation

Gabion are applied here as (a) terracing on steep slopes to retain the top soil, (b) linings for the beds and sides of water courses, (c) check dams for grade reducing weirs in steeply sloping gullies or valleys.

Navigation Channels and Ship Docking Areas

Gabion can be used for construction of structures for maintaining the geometry of the Navigational Channel. These products can also be used for construction of retaining walls of Ship docking areas.

Protection of Scour around Bridge Piers and Structure

The Gabions can be used to protect scouring around the bridge piers and other important structures.